About Us

Committed to providing the highest quality cleaning services by having the best trained employees and most efficient equipment.

Upon completion of construction, The American Drycleaner magazine awarded a “Plant Design Award” to Brass Hanger Cleaners for efficient layout, attractiveness and customer convenience.  Since 1998, thousands of loyal customers have enjoyed a level of quality, convenience and customer service unmatched in the area.

The drycleaning solvent and equipment we use contain no toxic chemicals, create no hazardous waste and leave no residual odor in garments. Solvent is distilled to pure condition after each load, and our laundry chemicals are biodegradable.

Our staff receives periodic training from a national consultant, ensuring that stain removal, cleaning and pressing are maintained at optimal levels.  The most modern equipment available provides gentle, yet high quality pressing.  Bar codes are thermally attached to each item, accurately tracking your order from check-in to pick-up.

Owner, Bruce Grimes is one of only 88 drycleaners in the U.S. and the only one in Mississippi to achieve the staus of Certified Professional Drycleaner by the Drycleaning Laundry institute.


Services We’re Famous For

We offer a wide variety of dry cleaning, laundry services to fit the individual needs of our clients.